Rendezwho 2.0

Connecting you with only one person anywhere in the world

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nice concept, hope it does well so that you make an android version.
Candy Avila Baca
Candy Avila BacaMaker@candyab · Co-founder @Rendezwho
@linkinmedo Yes! Yes! Yes! That is definitely the next step :)
Candy Avila Baca
Candy Avila BacaMaker@candyab · Co-founder @Rendezwho
Hi! Rendezwho is an app that pairs you with only one person, ever. Randomly we pair you with anyone in the world; this person is then known as your rendezwho. You can't see them, you can't talk to them, you have to find them. While you look, answer the question of the day, or send them gifs and music. That is the only communication you have with your match until you meet in person. When you get close enough, the app opens up to allow you to pick a place and time and meet. Then, exchange a secret code, and you have Rendezwho'd! (yes we also made it a verb) What did we change? We had a small but very vocal beta, who expressed wanting a little preview of what their friend was like, and wanting more interaction in the app as they're making up their minds to meet their friend- That made us create the music and gif sharing feature as well as include the onboarding questions. We think it could really change the way people meet and travel.
Kate@katesegrin · Head of Social @ GitHub
@candyab + @mich_alumni tell us about what made you create Rendezwho and what makes it so much better (in this new version)!
Adil Ansari
Adil AnsariMaker@mich_alumni · CEO & Cofounder, Rendezwho
A little more on the how the idea came to be Rendezwho came to me a few years ago, when thinking about chance meetings. Particularly those that turn into a really meaningful friendship, and you met — just randomly. I had travelled a lot the last 4-5 years and I realized that it wasn’t necessarily the destination that mattered, the experience itself was fulfilling. With that framework in mind I came up with Rendezwho. I realized this would be possible to recreate on mobile phones by just selecting two people anywhere and pairing them up.
Matt Johnston
Matt Johnston@heymatt_j
I absolutely love the idea, though it has to be said, your lineup of charades partners is particularly cruel!
Candy Avila Baca
Candy Avila BacaMaker@candyab · Co-founder @Rendezwho
@heymatt_j It's one of those best of the worst kind of choices! We ask the tough questions ;)