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Super proud of Paris for putting together a hell of a hackathon. Loved watching the demos yesterday - this is the hack that won.
Hey Product Hunters! Rendez-vous is the winning team of the ProductHunt Hackathon done in Paris! http://ph-paris-oct2014.splashth... Super proud :) cc @Algolia @The_Family
@dessaigne @Algolia @The_Family Thanks for spreading the love. Special thanks to @alexandrecollin @sylvainutard @kevin_granger and @arnaud_breton from @Mailjet_fr for supporting us during the weekend.
Hey guys, Thanks so much for the upvotes, just a few words about the app : our goal was to build an app that helps you find great exhibitions in Paris based on your personality, in a playful and effortless way. > Want to give it a try? Request your access to our beta now at The amazing team behind Rendez Vous: @ghigt @alexandredana @mounibec @gregclermont @AlexPidault @SolartWebsite @jessygrossi Cheers!
Congrats on the win! Can you describe how this used Product Hunt's api? Super curious to hear about the application of PH to exhibitions in Paris!
@alirtariq Thanks, actually we didn't use PH API to build the app but we would be happy to integrate that in a future release!