A hub for your team that syncs with all of your apps.

Rendevu connects with your team’s core apps (GSuite, Trello, Figma, etc.) and brings all of your team’s discussion and action items from different apps into one intelligent feed. Conversely, all activity in Rendevu will synchronize to your other apps!

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Jake Marsh
Engineer, Co-Founder of Monolist
Hi PH! We're Jake and Akshay, co-founders of Rendevu. In our experience, as teams grow it gets increasingly difficult for everyone to stay in the loop while also easily finding all of the information that they need to continue executing. Some teams try to solve this issue with tools like Slack, but the synchronous nature of a chat app result in members of the team often missing or losing files and information. The chat interface also does not easily support two-way interactions with your other tools. We’re currently in a free beta for anyone that wants to try it out, and we’re looking for any and all feedback from you guys. Also let us know if there’s any specific app integration that would make Rendevu useful for you! (Please note that we currently only support logging in via GSuite accounts. We're working on removing this requirement!)
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