React-inspired Swift library for writing UIKit UIs

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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
From Why React matters: [The framework] lets us write our UIs as pure function of their states. Right now we write UIs by poking at them, manually mutating their properties when something changes, adding and removing views, etc. This is fragile and error-prone. [...] [The framework] lets us describe our entire UI for a given state, and then it does the hard work of figuring out what needs to change. It abstracts all the fragile, error-prone code out away from us.
Garet McKinley@garetmckinley
@bentossell As somebody who's been deeply interested in react.js ever since hearing about it, this really excites me. Due to constraints on work projects, I haven't been able to use react, so I'm really excited to see a Swift port of it. Definitely going to be checking this out when I have some time to hack at a new library 👍🏻
Ulaş Can Cengiz@ulsc · Co-Founder, Code2 Software Inc.
It is cool. But it definitely should use Cocoapods among with Carthage for wider audience.
IRSHAD PC@irshadpc111 · Sr. iOS Engineer
Nice one .