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With so many styling frameworks out there, you're probably asking why another? There are other frameworks that are great, and others that are overkill. Nothing really fit our needs over at Creators Never Die, and within a few hours we said enough was enough, and released our first framework on npm. We create a lot of landing pages for clients, and Renaissance became the first thing we install. It makes getting ideas out much quicker, while still keeping the fleixibility of code. This is one of our ways of giving back to a community we love. Open source, and the creatives out there.
It appears that the styling is breaking at certain points ->
@qhameem Is this still happening for you?
Can you tell us what you do better than the other frameworks? so we can make a better idea about it
@edwardvasquezdr I wouldn't say Renaissance is better than any framework. It's more opinionated. I like to get things done quick & clean, and having these components at hand has helped me get landing pages out quick. It's like a music producer who keeps their stash of drum loops at hand. That's what Renaissance is to me. Then again, I kept things minimal so there is room for you to write your own CSS. Renaissance modifies core browser components instead of giving you class names. (You'll mostly be using "container", "row" & "column"). I also have a future roadmap: - React Library - Modular CSS files - Animations - Free Prebuilt Admin Dashboard