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App to delete duplicate photos in bulk

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Sometimes you see a description of an app and you think: 'This is brilliant, I need it'. This is one of them. I love keeping my library in check and to get rid of all the quick snaps I dont want to keep. Lovely idea!
@nielsvr Thanks a lot for your comments !! We will keep improving app !!
Buggy as hell. After swiping through a month, it asked me if I wanted to keep or delete. After clicking "keep", it deleted them all. -_- Then I clicked the calendar icon, and it just went to my iPhone desktop. Deleting immediately!
Hi Jeremy, we are sorry about the inconvenience !! We will definitely fix if there is any issues !!
This is also an almost exact clone of
After refinement it will be excellent
@marediango Sure we will keep improving the app!!
Awesome concept, idea and app!