Remove the background of any image 100% automatically

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+3 is a free service to remove the background of any photo. It works 100% automatically: You don't have to manually select the background/foreground layers to separate them - just select your image and instantly download the result image with the background removed!

  • Philipp Meder
    Philipp MederSales, Marketing @JapaCasa

    removes the background in seconds, instantly recognizes the main subject of the picture


    absolutely none

    This is absolutely amazing! For the first try, I uploaded a selfie I made a few years ago with a large background including 3 people behind me and within seconds everything except myself was removed from the picture.

    I couldn't' have done this better myself.

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  • Pros: 

    fast, free, easy.


    small file size

    First impression was super impressive!

    If you could adjust the file size to export at the same upload size that would be ideal. Even on the images that aren't perfect, it would be a good starting point on any masking that needed to be done.

    If you do decided to remove the free option please just charge us an unreasonable one-time fee vs. the soul crushing monthly subscription.

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Hi there, hunters & makers! We originally built as a part of a bigger app, but since removing photo backgrounds can be a very tiresome task in itself we figured why not release it as a standalone tool? Hope you're finding it useful - if you have any questions we're here!
@begroe Thank you, this is indeed extremely useful!
@begroe Awesome! What is the bigger app you are working on?
@daviswbaer It's not published yet, but it builds on top of's API to remove backgrounds, then ... does some more magic 🤫
@begroe Sounds super sneaky 🤓
@daviswbaer @begroe umm ... is it to do with video?
Amazing app with huge potential, stunned by its accuracy...but the size of 500px is a turn-off as of now. If people are given option to choose size of output, it would be great. 1000px and 2000px is a good number, as most will use it for photos, so it would be good to have higher resolution. if it's designed for icons 200px, 300px will be fine. The lower resolution could be set as the standard option and higher resolution output could be added as the choices (also premium). I'm bookmarking your website and will surely check it soon. Keep up with the great work.
Amazing app ! Maybe the next version will allow to the user the right to choose the image format ? ;)
Great app! Well done! Why only faces though? I feel like one of the biggest market for your app would be actually for objects. Think of all the people selling stuff on some personal sites, ecommerce, ebay, craiglist, etc... This tool would give them a lot of value too. Maybe i'm wrong but, it feels like removing the background on simple ecommerce photos would be even easier technically than with human faces /hair. Anyhow, great job! Bigger size and batch process would be a huge plus too. Keep up the good work.
@slhomme For now we have focussed on faces, but we will definitely look into objects in the future as well. Thanks for the feedback!
Amazing work!!!
@sandeshsuvarna It's really awesome, great tool :)