Remove the background of any photo 100% automatically, in just a few seconds and with just a single click.
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Alex Chernikov
CEO of Gikken, a 4-person indie company
That‘s a super useful intergration! Also looking forward to for Sketch!
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Alec DavisDesigner/PM · Prev. Mira, Atomic
@alex_chernikov Sketch please! :)
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Benjamin Groessing
Co-Founder of Kaleido AI
Hi there, hunters & makers and thanks for hunting, @__tosh ! Today we are launching for Adobe Photoshop! If you are working in web design, print design or photography chances are that Photoshop is an integral part of your workflow. It has never been easier to get rid of the background of an image automatically than with , and with our new Photoshop extension we're making it even easier for Photoshop users. * Remove the background from the whole image or just a selection * Get a new layer with a layer mask, that allows for easy corrections * Works completely automatically and with your existing account Give it a try for free and let us know what you think. If you have any questions, we're here to help!
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I'm desing and photographer! I already have this system installed in my photoshop and on the pc too, but every time I use it it asks for a serial number or key to release. How do I buy the release without having to pay monthly or by quantity? I want value that is released free to be able to use in my work of editing of funds! How much does the plug cost? Please help me this will make my job much easier. I await return, PARABENS SAME PLUG. my email: I await your return Thank you
Lee Rickler
Director, Point and Stare

Used a few times and very impressed with the results. We don't use Photoshop anymore and now use Affinity products so a version for those apps would be super awesome.


Saves so much time!


None really, except we need a version for Affinity Photo, please.

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Harry O'BrienMarketing & IT
Second that request! Create for Affinity :))
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Third that request! We need Affinity Integration!
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David Carpe
Thinker & Layabout
will you make a version for pixelmator - or would this one work at all?
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Thiago de Carvalho
Founder @ Deer Designer
I cannot install it for the life of me. I've got my PS up to date, it says "Extension acquired" but I don't see it on my Window - Extensions - Remove Background
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