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Hi PH, thanks @hnshah! ✌🏻😻 You may be asking yourself: "Does the world need another job board?” There are so many job boards out there! So, what’s different this time? Remotive was born HERE on PH in 2014 AND we’ve been serving the remote work community ever since :) In 2015, Remotive Jobs started serving “curated” jobs and received 1,677 points on PH - as a bootstrapped side project. > Remotive Jobs 2.0 doesn’t intend to be the largest/biggest job board - is already great for that! < I just left my job at Buffer to go full time on what you see here is the new “build” of our site. Our goal for 2017 is to start with all this automated data and balance it with a hand picked, curated approach! A place to share more jobs, remote team articles and interviews with our 25,000 current subscribers or with anyone who’s curious! Thanks! #dogehype #muchwow
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@rdutel much wow! It's been amazing to follow how this side project became your main project, Rodolphe. Congrats for this 2.0. I'm very grateful for all the things you do to give remote work its place in the industry :)
@rdutel @hnshah 1) Very cool. 2) You should consider applying to YC before their deadline on the 24th at 8p. 3) I use Upwork a lot for my hires. I usually hire 5 ppl at a time and the one who wins out on time and quality gets the ongoing business. How are you different than Upwork (aka how can your site save me time)?
@nassaraf @hnshah Hey Naomi! Thanks for your kind words :) My sense is that upwork is a fully fledged platform whereas we are a community who happens to have a job board - we can save you time by either having you broadcast your offer to our experienced audience or if you join our community to meet and hire our members directly :)
@rdutel @hnshah Congratulations! So happy you are going full time on this, upvoted in 2014 and again today! 👍
@rdutel great work! would be cool if there was a place on the site to share articles about remote working (or hiring) and also to submit remote companies. While Slack communities might be great for some people, I typically find them too noisy or too quiet, so having a website where I can do some of this stuff is better. GrowthHackers is a good example.
Remote work is on the rise, yet it can be tricky to find a great remote job! Remotive has been building a community of remote friendly people since 2014. They continue to take a unique community-first approach to remote work. If you are interested in remote work or are looking for remote team members, check out the new Remotive.
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@hnshah can't agree more with you Hiten
I love the illustrations! There's market for a curated list of remote jobs. I also think there's a market here for Remotive to get into offering services for companies who want to start working remotely or hire remotely and don't know how to approach it.
@levelsio Smart. Too many $50K+ plus remote hire disasters start with good intentions but not enough time and know-how.
Congrats on the launch @rdutel and @adrien_belhomme 👏 It's awesome to see the Remotive community grow and to be part of it thanks to the Slack community. Join us ! You are doing something big for the Remote community 🙌 Keep up the great work 👍
Nice stuff and nice rebranding! Any reason behind merging pure Product roles with (Product) Design roles?