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#4 Product of the WeekApril 03, 2019
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We believe remote work is the future of work.
Remotive connects tech employees with remote companies.
Thanks to our job board & community, you'll never work alone!
  • Willem Wijnans
    Willem Wijnanshiring @ aula education

    - We get great candidates for our remote roles at Aula - The editor is now so much better



    I love working with Rodolphe and his team. Being surrounded by like-minded people who think remote is the future of work is great. Also, the community around remotive, the slack channel etc, is great to be a part of.

    Willem Wijnans has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Fresh, friendly interface. Looking for work is never fun but the new interface puts a smile on my face. The new icons are spot on!


    No way to sort out real remote jobs from US only based ones.

    It would really help me to be able to search by "work from anywhere". I just read thru 2 remote jobs & got all excited only to find the LAST line says US base only.

    C-Lion has used this product for one year.
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Rodolphe Dutel
Rodolphe DutelMaker@rdutel · Founder prev. @Buffer
Hi PH, thanks @bramk ! ✌🏻😻 Remotive helps tech employees land remote jobs. We initially launched on ProductHunt in 2014! Today, we run one of the largest remote work job board & community We’re excited for this v3… > Is this “just another job board”? Nope! Here’s how we’re different: - Featuring exclusive remote jobs, not only StackOverflow/Angelist’s jobs. - Community-driven. Our members are veteran remote workers & remote companies. - Value-driven. We believe remote work comes from trusting employees, not tracking hours. - Curation-driven. All jobs are hand-picked daily, no automatic posting. More about us -
> What’s new? Never-seen-before jobs, Functional Search, Categories, Mobile-friendly, New Design... We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback. We’re eager to improve, thanks! PS: “Doge? I haven’t heard that name in years”
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · Front End Dev & Growth Intern @ Monday
Congrats on launching Remotive 3.0 @rdutel 🎉 I have been part of the Remotive community since the beginning and love how Remotive community and job board are so helpful as a remote worker 🙏 As I am going back to remote work in 2 weeks and know the value of Remotive, I can't recommend enough that you join the Remotive community and find your next remote job on Remotive 3.0 ! Great UI btw Doge everywhere !!!
Abhinaya@abhikarthick · Software Engineer
Happy to see more job boards for the remote work. It looks clean. Would definitely consider sourcing jobs from We have also released a product around remote work yesterday with the different approach ->
Tom Benattar
Tom Benattar@tombenattar · Co-founder @PixelMe
This is really nice! 🚀 Congrats @rdutel and all the team 👏Looking forward to post a new job offer on Remotive 😍
Rodolphe Dutel
Rodolphe DutelMaker@rdutel · Founder prev. @Buffer
@tombenattar Thanks Tom - always happy to promote your jobs! :)
Egor Borushko
Egor Borushko@egor_borushko
Congrats! Looks so clean and friendly 👍