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Remotify is a clean & minimalist board for remote jobs. Let's you search for remote jobs via category, tags, and keywords while keeping the UI simple and fun to use.
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Hi there. There are a lot of remote jobs websites like this. The UI of your website is nice but other than that what value proposition does your site provide?
@abathla Yes, I agree with you. While for now it is simply a job board for remote listings, I have bigger plans for its future. This started as a side project until now when I decided to go forward with this full-time.
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love the minimalist design. good job.
@yapartase Thank you :)
This looks great. I definitely see a better quality of posting than I do from many other sites. I'm going to put your site at the top of my list to try for UI/UX remote work. I have a question from a entrepreneurial point of view. How did you go about promoting your app to companies to post their jobs there? I don't imagine you launched with an empty directory :)