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Any reason this differs from the other remote job aggregators?
Love the idea, I find the user interface to be lacking though :/
Hi Hunters! If you’re looking for the opportunity to work wherever you like, no longer be tied to a desk, this tool might be of help to you. While I was experimenting with NodeJS I decided to build a remote job aggregator, so here it is. www.remoteworks.io Try it, give some feedback. Jobs are taken from different sources such as StackOverflow, WeWorkRemotely, Github, Dribble, AuthenticJobs and many more. I've tried as much as possible to give correct attribution to each source, and hopefully drive some traffic back to their sites. Regards, Mihai
Also, tables....
Appreciate the effort and love your digital-nomad enthusiasm :) But I agree with previous comments: how does it differ from the others? Try making it different.