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@aleyda tell us why you created remoters :) How do you think (if at all) @levelsio has changed the nomad game with the products he has released? Is this a one stop shop for nomads? How will certain aspects of remoters compete against Nomad List and others in the space? Or do you feel the nomad community is far and wide and it not prone to as harsh competition as other industries?
@bentossell That's a great question! What @levelsio has done with Nomad List ecosystem has been amazing, also Remotive from Rodolphe Dutel and a few others who have pioneered in this still in ropes area, not only with sites but with conferences -such as DNX, we went there in August to the Berlin edition-, and also because of that, there's still so so much to do, especially from a professional who's not necessarily a digital nomad but a remote worker, from a distributed team & company perspective too. Right now a lot of the resources and information are inspirational and focused on solving the most common issues for digital nomads, especially freelancers who travel the world; but: -What about people who want to move to the beach to work from there while being an employee (not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur or freelance)? -What about the ones who want to become freelance to be digital nomads but don't know how? -What about families who want to be location independent and be digital nomads with kids or just move to become remoters to live in a little town by the mountain? -What about already seasoned professionals who want to travel once in a while but not all the time but be location independent without hurting their already mature career? -What about companies with people wishing they could work in a distributed, location independent environment but the owners and decision makers are afraid? -And the ones who are already doing it: how can we make their life easier? As you can see there are so many challenges & questions that still need to be solved and where not only people but organizations need help. We want to contribute by supporting fulfilling these needs, there are so many and certainly room for so much contribution in this area :) Here's our fuller vision too that explains this and more: Thank you for the opportunity :D
I have to wonder why this whole segment has been avoided for so long, it's certainly an interesting lifestyle choice that many friends are picking these days
@davidiwanow because is a change of the "status quo" for companies. Also technology has advanced so so quick that it takes time for people, teams and companies to change their work "paradigm" since we mostly behave by analogy :) the time has come though! There's so much potential not only for people, but for companies & teams in general to be more productive, have a much wider choice, balance better their work & lifestyle to one they really love, etc.
@aleyda do you think people are also much more willing to take a risk...? I know options such as global sim cards and google translate make it much easier to survive outside of your comfort zone....
As more and more companies make the shift to remote working, there's definitely a lot of potential for this site, similar to Nomad List! Would be great if there was some community aspect to it in future - perhaps a forum, Slack group or similar? As you get more and more content, perhaps even PH-style upvoting of interviews/events/tools etc might be useful :) I'd also recommend using CloudFlare (free plan). This would give quick load times for visitors no matter where they are in the world. If you're not familiar with CF, I'd be happy to help ;)
Its not working...;(
@aryehmaxx Yes, and thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience. This weekend we moved the site to a new server and we have been doing changes to improve performance, so you might have gone while we were doing the changes. We are still half way there... hopefully we will be completely done in the next few hours so it can be super fast and provide the best possible experience :)