Play quizzes with your friends on video calls.

RemoteQuiz lets you play quizzes with your friends over your favorite video chat tool like Zoom. Choose a ready made quiz or create your own. The host can control which question everyone can currently see, as well as reveal the correct answers and scores!
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Hey Everyone! I love playing quizzes with my friends - especially at the moment when we can't see each other in real life. I built this app to help make running quizzes remotely over video calls easier and more fun. You can either use a ready to go quiz from the template library (there are ones on topics from general knowledge to animals!) or create your own unique quiz from scratch with your own questions. You invite players using a secret link and can see everyone who's currently playing the game. As game host you can select which question everyone currently sees, as well as revealing the answers and scores which are worked out automatically. I'm going to add lots more quizzes to the template library over the next few weeks so sign up to keep updated with all the new options. I'd love to hear what you think - have fun! 🥳
Culture in a remote team is everything. A part of gaining culture is all about blowing some steam off. I would had love to have this app back in December during our remote Christmas party. Pretty excited to try this one out with my team :)
@bujold19 Hey Gabriel! Absolutely, it feels like we're often just on work calls at the moment and we need to make time for the silly things too. I've tried out a few games with the remote team at my day job and we had a lot of laughs :D
Love it! I signed up for the premium this morning.
@robmcd85 Fantastic, thanks so much for signing up! I'll be adding lots more features to premium. Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like!