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#2 Product of the DayDecember 23, 2019
Looking for a remote job or seeking a qualified remote employee? Remotely People is the best remote specific job board in the world!
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Yet another remote job site. Handpicked, huh… Don't want sound like a nerd, but almost all popular remote job search sites offer the same jobs and have very little differences (aside from WWR with its clean design and with its SEO gone crazy). At the same time, there're are clear problems, which are neither cool nor interesting for the makers of such sites: • A lot of "remote" jobs imply that you must live in the US (or a few EU countries) without mentioning it anywhere. • A significant number of positions is "kind of remote": you must work from the office at least 50% of the time. • There are just not enough remote positions available (no need to play with numbers telling about YoY increase, it's still a drop in the ocean).
@tarasbrizitsky Hey, thanks for sharing! :) For now, we're been trying to label all "US only" as such - we'd love to give extra sorting/searching option in the future, this would be very helpful indeed!
@tarasbrizitsky It seems most remote jobs mean you'll be traveling and only be home based.
I have yet to click thru, and when I do, if this sucks, I'll come back and update; I too share @tarasbrizitsky 's valid concerns - or at least, I share some of them, especially the "remote jobs!11" site headline fatigue. That said... there is a part of me which appreciates pushing for "highest paid" versus the usual "most remotiest remote jobz!1" or "jobs where u kan werk frum hoam" only to yield a list of scams or just objectively terrible roles. Again, maybe the site doesn't live up to that (and I realize this isn't a response to Taras' - again, solid - points) - but it's an interesting shift in focus from what I'm used to.
Errr. Update. If you're a developer and want to look at one job, click "Software Development" header. If you're a designer and wanna see a bunch of pretty solid looking design jobs - well, you know what to do. If you're "Marketing" or "Non-Tech" or "Customer Support" (all *named categories* on the site...) - well, too bad! Idk - maybe this launched a bit early... the design isn't the worst I've ever seen, and the usability beats something like... say... FlexJobs? (low bar to clear!) Bookmarked, Instapaper'd... let's see how this one goes?
@seymourgroup Thanks for your feedback! :) , this is only the first version of the website, but we will improve the design so that it will be clear and simple for the user in the future.
Like it, very usefull product.
@max_rod Thank you! :)