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Weekly interviews with remote workers and freelancers.

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This is a great idea. Despite the opportunities a remote workforce offers for both companies and employees, there is a lot of apprehension in the industry to embrace remote-friendly cultures. I field regular requests to learn more about how I make remote work for me and my employer. Hopefully, more transparency will encourage companies (and proponents within those companies) to embrace a distributed team.
@elou Thanks so much Emily!
I've starting Upwork more and more and I think it would be interesting to include interviews with freelancers who are mainly earning from Upwork (and similar sites)
@sarabcole Same here. I've been doing Upwork full time since last 6 months. I had a pretty interesting start and once I got the confidence, I just left my job and became freelancer.
@sarabcole I have a remote company, I hire on Upwork only and will be glad to have an online coffee with other remoters via
@sarabcole Great suggestion. I want to try and make the site explore all sides of freelance & remote work, so I'll look into this.
You should interview the Maker of the Year, @mubashariqbal
@sethlouey @dandgough Would love to! I've been working most remotely since 2001 and switched back to freelancing full-time last year.
@mubashariqbal @sethlouey Hey! That would be awesome. If you e-mail ( then I'm sure we can get an interview in the works.
Great name! As a remote worker I'm keen to see more interviews. I'm growingly increasingly concerned that remote work takes away from the human aspect of work. I'm so incredibly productive while working remotely, it's addictive. But, as soon as someone else decides to come work with me I'm finding myself frustrated by their presence. I wonder what impact this will have on future management if I'm to re-enter into the office world.
@bergjosh I'm the same! Remote work makes my productivity sky-rocket but for others it's a hindrance. I find it fascinating how everyone's style of work differs.
Nice! Subscribed via feedly 👌