A job board for the remote workforce on iOS

Remotely is a job board for the remote workforce on iOS.

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Hello Product Hunt! Jake here πŸ‘‹. I’m super excited to introduce Remotely, a job board for the remote workforce on iOS. 🌎 Work Remotely Search remote jobs that allow you to work from wherever you want.
 πŸ“± Get Notified Get notified about remote jobs you're interested in. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Apply Apply directly through the app. βœ… Hire Remotely Find quality candidates to fill your open remote positions. I’d love to hear feedback and am looking forward to all questions / comments!
Firstly, congrats on the launch, Jake! There's been an increased focus on finding remote jobs lately and there are a number of job boards that cater to this specifically. But this is the first mobile app I've come across that does this. Could you share why you think an app is more suited for this type of search?
Thanks, @alirtariq! The barrier to entry for an install is higher on mobile, but the thought is an install is worth a lot more than an email subscriber or a page view. The pool of potential candidates will be more engaged. Push notification > email. I’m a solo maker with a background in iOS development who’s passionate about the remote work space. Excited to test out these theories!
Congrats on the launch. Would have been awesome if atleast there was a webapp also for us poor Android guys. πŸ˜€
Thanks, @sharajeev! I do plan on expanding to web / Android eventually πŸ‘. Currently focusing on iOS because that’s what I know best πŸ“±.
@airhergott Thanks for remembering, and notifying. Will surely take a look :-)
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