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Howdy everyone! Today is an exciting and super scary day for us. Back in 2010 when we launched Here, File File (the precursor to Remotely), the app store was a very different place. People bought apps, Apple was showing them in commercials, there were tons of outlets for app reviews out there. Now, six years later, things have changed. Even OmniGroup, the last bastion of paid premium iOS software, has gone free to download + IAP. There aren't as many app review outlets, and we find Product Hunt to be a crucial resource to reach out to people and share our vision. I wrote a bunch of words in the form of a Medium post ( - 3 minute read) about our goals and history and whatnot. We are very proud of Remotely and can't wait to dig in and make it even better. So please, hit us up with questions, feature requests, whatever!
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I've known Buck for a few years, and I'm always excited when a new thing of his comes out. Buck, can you talk about why you guys built Remotely, and why we might use it over other options in the space?
@staringispolite Aw thanks Jonathan! We have been working on Remotely for six (!) years to give people an alternative to traditional cloud storage solutions. Using Remotely lets you keep your content on your own devices, away from 3rd parties. The connection between your device and your Mac is direct and encrypted with DTLS. You can think of Remotely similar to a zero-configuration VNC client that is optimized around browsing & accessing files.
I'm incredibly excited to see this launched, and it's been fantastic working with Buck and Zack on Remotely!
Anything built by @adamwulf is worth trying out. Congratulations to you and the team on getting Remotely out for the world to enjoy.
@paul_s_kemp thanks Paul! It's been a journey and we're super excited to finally show it off :)!
This seems to help the limited iCloud push that limits just viewing documents folder, which I'm frustrated by. Is there any plan for backups or remote storage in the future?
@smcguinness Thanks for checking Remotely out! Currently remote storage isn't on the roadmap, as we are focused on providing a way to access your files without having them pass through any other servers. In all honesty it would probably augment a backup / remote storage solution like Backblaze very nicely (this is the combo I use personally).
@smcguinness the tech behind Remotely is more focused on a direct point-to-point encrypted channel, rather than third party servers. A big point behind Remotely is that there are no access or storage limits because you aren't utilizing any servers to store your files!