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#2 Product of the DayAugust 30, 2018

RemoteList is the largest list on the internet for job boards advertising Remote Jobs!

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Hello Product Hunt! I’m the maker of which initially it was a small app idea to solve the problem about surfing on google to find job boards specializing on remote jobs, but at the beginning I only found a lot of terrible sites with almost no mobile optimizations, jobs posted decades ago (ok.. not that long) and a lot of 'gifs'/'massive' images to make everything more slow to load. So with that experience, I build RemoteList to curate job boards for remote positions based on users votes, comments, and reviews. By that time, you could only submit or review job boards with the option to vote for the best one based on your own experiences. Now, after some months of headaches, JS problems, discontinued meteor libraries and a lot of urges to quit and build something else... I finally build a polished version with a lot of new features: You can search for a specific job title or company name in an 'automated' job board that is constantly looking for new remote positions in larger job boards like StackOverflow, GitHub or AuthenticJobs. You can also publish a job position for free and get a lot of benefits that normal job posts don't have. This job board is working with a cronjob who is constantly eliminating all posts older than 30 days, so you always get the fresh ones. If you register a new account with Twitter: You can get 'insight data' of specific jobs like how many people applied for X job position or how many visits received this week. (Data from the site) You can ask questions about working remotely in case you're looking for some feedback with job interviews or if a co-working space is better than working at home. I tested the site on many screen devices like phones, tablets, and monitors and should work fine in everything. Also is loading 97% faster than any job board that I compared with, and should work 'OK' with slow internet connections so if you're traveling or in an area with 2G internet speed it should not be a problem. And finally, if you submit your e-mail to the mailing list you will receive a monthly e-mail for the latest job boards submitted to the site and questions made by the community. Right now, everything is free and I'm looking for any feedback or feature you would like to have on RemoteList. 🙌 Cheers. 😁
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Congrats with the launch and good luck with future development, there is a lot of perspectives to become a big remote job aggregator
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@asmekhov Yes, haha. Thank you so much! 🙏🏻
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I think you need to be scraping the positions listed or at least plugging into their APIs. For now, it's just a link of remote job sites with very little information about the sites like traffic count, job total, activity etc...
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@livecoinwatchmb Thanks for your feedback. I’ll work on it. :)
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Well done, important and usable tool
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Issac, if you need any advice from a recruiter please let me know. I've been waiting for someone to do this for years and I'm beyond excited to see where you take this! - Stephanie
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@stephmcdonald Sure, I would like to hear your advice! Thank you so much :)