Zero commission freelance marketplace

Remotela is a freelance marketplace with Zero commission on earnings.

There are several freelance websites out there taking a 10 - 20 % commission on the earnings of the freelancer apart from charging a monthly fee. Remotela is a Zero commission marketplace.

For Indian users, UPI is used as a payment method to avoid payment gateway charges.

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10 INR for a blog post? SEO for 2000? This is dirt cheap. Is this serious?
@saifalfalah Thank you for taking your time and giving feedback. There is no minimum budget restrictions on this platform. The 10 INR for blog post is not aimed at professional bloggers but an experiment by towards viral marketing. SEO for 2000 - again this platform wants to help freshers, inexperienced college graduates, students to earn money while gaining experience. Professional SEO service providers are not going to bid on this project. These projects are all sample posts and are not real ones. Thank you once again. Welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Are developers begger - come on remotela growup




What is this , 100/-, 500/- INR for work

Thanks for taking time and giving a review. The price of each project is set by the buyer and not by remotela website. The sample projects with Rs.500 is to illustrate there is no minimum budget restriction on this platform. The low budget projects are aimed at providing some form revenue to college students, freshers, inexperienced people. Professionals and developers are going to bid only on projects with good budget. Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.
So whats your revenue source? Do you charge monthly fee?
@evivz Thank you for your time and question. As of now there is no monthly fee. There will be a always free plan with certain number of bids (say 10). Then there will be a paid plan with more number of bids. However we will stick with 0% commission on earnings model. Once we have a user base, I am planning to offer skill based courses like web development(from which I run), digital marketing, etc. I am also considering placing display/affiliate ads instead of monthly fee.
Interesting approach. One suggestion - Having a minimum bid would be a good idea.
@ebrahimkhalil Thanks for your suggestion. Do you mean minimum budget for a project ?
@venkatr . i mean "no projects under $XXX" on the platform

I don't see what differentiates it from other freelancing app




The user experience

Thank you for taking your time and giving a review. The main differentiation from other freelancing websites is 0% commission on earnings. Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.