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I built this small site for remote teams to show off their awesome people on a map. I'm also fetching current timezone and weather info based on the locations. If you have a remote team (at least two people working on a product from different locations), it would be nice if you could add it on the map! 2+ indie makers with different locations is also a remote team! You can also check out: πŸ˜€ Biggest team 🌎 Most countries πŸ™οΈ Most cities ⌚️ Most timezones 🌞 Hottest climate ❄️ Coldest climate
@raunometsa This is great! Loving the Product Hunt team page One question: How are locations determined? One of our guys @deezy is shown as 'World' for example πŸ˜ƒ Congrats on the launch!
@producthunt @deezy @de Thanks! I set up locations based on PH team Twitter accounts + this: When location is left empty, I'm showing "World" πŸ˜‰
@producthunt @deezy @raunometsa aha! Perfect, thank you. Congrats again!
@raunometsa Added Doist - now most remote company 😜
@hfauq Thank you, sir! You are so cool!
Awesome project, @raunometsa. Curious what's next on your roadmap, if anything. I can see this expanding into tooling for remote teams (starting with the company profile as you've done is a smart way to bootstrap). Sharing a screenshot of our profile for the scrapbook:
@rrhoover Thanks! Yes, I will definitely improve this further. Just launched my next indie project – I have couple of more project ideas I can work with, but maybe I'll come back to RemoteHub very soon!
@raunometsa Really cool! Could you maybe sort the members list by timezone?
@deezy Yeah, good idea! Done! btw when there's a laptop in front of the sun, it means this person is probably working (9...5pm)
Nice work Rauno!