10x more seamless than Zoom

No more schedule or request a call. Remotehour allows your coworkers/clients to talk to you when you’re available while working. You can communicate with them like you’re working in the same office.
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👋 Hey Product Hunters 📖Story I’m a freelancer. Live in San Francisco, but all my clients are in Tokyo. So, it’s a fully remote job. For the clients and me, to schedule a meeting is hard. My job is a product manager, so I need to manage development teams and report to clients in real-time even though we're based in different time zones. So, I built Remotehour. You can set up an always-on room with a shred URL. Its status in which you’re available to talk or not is updated automatically and manually. 😇Easy to use Signup, and then a shared URL would be generated automatically Share a shared URL with your clients/customers They can call you when you’re available while working 📺VS Zoom Don’t have to fix a schedule for calling. Remotehour enables you to connect when you’re online on the app. 💬VS Slack Haven’t you got replies even if it shows online on Slack? Remotehour status could be managed manually. Connect you with those who you want to talk to frictionlessly. But it supports Slack Integration :) 🛠️Empower productivity Does the always-on room sound distract you? No worry, even the room set up a timer. Sometimes talking is faster than next communication to understand each other. We definitely help you be more productive. ✅ How Remotehour helps you - Let your clients start a call meeting with you if you were a freelancer - Have an open-door policy to your customer when you’re online on the app if you were a salesperson - Enjoy random chat with your coworker/friends if you were a remote worker Enjoy Remotehour😺
Nice implementation Shun. I'll get my team on it!
@chrisshawyeah Thank you, Chris. Any feedback is helpful!
So I've been using this product today and I think this is a really good idea. However, I think there should be an option to only allow sessions from contacts. There is a real privacy risk here when anyone can call me by accessing my URL. I like the idea, I think there's a lot of improvement on the privacy options. And I probably won't be able to keep using it until that is available.
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@sean_daly3 Thank you so much for your comment. Yeah, you're true. What points do you care mote about privacy things?
@sean_daly3 If it's known contacts, how will your privacy be affected?
Looks great! Just had a chat with Shun, I believe.
@shobhitic Nice talking you :)
Having a video call was never so easy. For people who enjoy and value video calls :)
@ari_bajo_rouvinen Thank you, Ari. Yeah, hope you enjoy with Remotehour ;)