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#3 Product of the DayJune 13, 2016
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Lots of these are popping up. In any case I've added this to my Hack Your Job Search collection
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Looks like the maker was inspired by @levelsio, who made (and for the design) πŸ˜‚ What is the added value compared to RemoteOK? What are the data sources? Edit: just found there is also a startup page there:
@nathanaelkhodl Yes. @levelsio's book was also very helpful along the way. The main value added at the moment is the insight into company's remote working culture. I scrapped data from github and public spreadsheets. A handful of companies also added themselves.
@mikeswcho Oh that's nice! I can now perceive the value you're adding πŸ‘
Hi everyone. I was hunting for remote developer position last December and could not easily find a company that suited me. Remote work is isolating and I want to know answers to such questions as: how do teammates communicate? how do they collaborate? do they have regular retreats? The aim of this project is to answer those questions and beyond. I also wrote a blog article when I started working on this project:
Nice UI, and I recognize this is difficult since the data is external - but for me I'd need a way to sort by available job function.
Hey, getting a lot of 502s :(
@ream88 sorry about that. trying to fix it.