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Remote Tips is a curated collection of the best remote work articles, lessons, tools, tips, best practices and other resources. We scour the internet and handpick only the best of the best content for you!
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This is a wonderful integration! I was just working earlier and I got this pop-up with a hack on making my workspace cleaner (it can get messy at home), and here we are today - my table and setup just feels fresh and I'm excited to get things done! This product is a wonderful add-on to get quick tips while you're at work!
@sandeeptalukdar Thanks Sandeep!
Awesome tool with really well curated content! Great job
Great tool which picks out great content for remote work!
@kayvee_25 well summarised 😇
For someone who prefers an office environment to work in, this is a really helpful tool to stay productive while working remotely! Sharing it to more people!
Thank you so much for hunting Remote Tips, @kevin We have been slightly fortunate with the Covid-19 situation given that most of our employees at Springworks were primed for WFH. But for many other organisations this is a very new situation. This is a start towards building many tools and products to optimize productivity for the new era of Remote Work. Do try out Remote Tips and let us know your feedback. We're listening!