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Ben TossellΒ β€” Community Lead, Product Hunt
Yo! The idea behind this was simple - as a remote worker I wanted to know if other people were experiencing the same things as me... good and bad:

- Team calls in my pyjamas
- Lonely day-to-days

Then I talked with @ayrton and @syswarren about this idea and it has developed into Remote Stories. An anonymous platform for people to post their thoughts, experiences, concerns and opinions.

This is a place to see what others are going through, where you can comment back. People can see they are not alone in their experiences as a remote worker.

The eventual goal was to put together a guide of "things to consider when being a remote worker".... we just thought this would be a great starting project .

Let us know what you think!
Gabriel LewisΒ β€” πŸ€”
@bentossell πŸ˜„πŸ˜° Is this like YikYak for remote workers ?
Ben TossellΒ β€” Community Lead, Product Hunt
@gabriel__lewis yeah, kinda!
Ayrton De CraeneΒ β€” Code @ Product Hunt
From a technical perspective this project was pretty straight forward. The biggest challenge however was having a nice and simple design, all credits go to @syswarren for this!

If you have any technical questions feel free to ask. Fun fact: this project has been open-source and on GitHub from the start!
Alex KaulΒ β€” maker
@ayrton @syswarren Well done! πŸ‘
Alex LopezΒ β€” Founder of
@ayrton @syswarren Super awesome that it is open source! And kudos for Ruby on Rails API.
Abhas Tandon Β β€” Software Engineer, Paypal
@ayrton Nice work making it open source. I noticed that the social buttons don't change the mouse icon on hover. Opened a PR.

Also, count of the social button increases when the response is received from the server. Due to the delay, there is a 1 second (or less) period of confusion during which the user doesn't know if the click actually worked or not.

Either you can add a small loading icon in the button or change the count after the button is clicked without waiting for the response. If the response is not successful you may decrease the count back.

This is a very subtle detail but you'll feel the difference when you compare it with any other social count plugin (Reddit, HN, PH, FB)

Let me know if you guys are taking contributions. I can surely have a look at this. :)
Ayrton De CraeneΒ β€” Code @ Product Hunt
@abhas9 of course we take contributions 😍
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