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#4 Product of the DayJune 28, 2017

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Hey Product hunters, First of all, thanks @bramk for hunting! Remote Stash is a hand-picked directory of the best resources for remote workers and nomads. I know many similar projects. I tried to use each of them but always got stuck with two critical problems. Firstly, their content is mixed and they do not have a way to filter it (e.g. job aggregators and job boards are placed together). Secondly, they provide many projects which are very similar without highlighting differences, so it is frustrating to find out what to pick for a particular user. You do not think about description when looking for a time tracker, they are all alike. Their price and popularity are more important. Or when you look for a place to find your next remote job all you care about is the place's popularity amongst your potential clients. I developed this project to solve these two problems. It allows you to filter by a website type and sort by traffic, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and Product Hunt upvotes (!), so you can, for example, detect a most popular job board that has many high-quality jobs. Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!
Boom! Great job by @sihaelov!
Great list of tools/apps for anyone working remotely or in distributed 'office' environments and well-executed directory! 👍
Great design, awesome resource!
@mdagabriele Thank you for your support!
@sihaelov great job with a very clean design! This is very helpful :) However, will there also be a section with finance/accounting/invoicing and project management tools as well? Then is will be much more valuable ;-) But I love it already. Again great job!!
@nicholas_smeele Thanks! Yes, I will add more categories and projects.