Remote S for Tesla

Remote control app for Tesla using iPhone and Apple Watch

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Pretty impressed to see this $10 app at #1 in the lifestyle category. The Remote S can do a bunch of things like start the car with Touch ID, unlock/lock the doors and give you other Knight Rider like abilities. It's one of the more powerful and useful Apple watch apps I've seen. Check out the demo video here 👇
h/t @benlovejoy from 9to5Mac
Glad to see a concept like being implemented into a real app (assuming that is a concept and not a real app as well) Pretty awesome use of the Watch
Great! Now I just need a Tesla. CC @elonmusk - help me out ;)
Everything Allen Wong touches turns into a beautifully executed app. Saw the initial release of this and was mind blown. Inb4 Telsa picks him up for their team!
Finally - KITT is real! Just added this to my Apple Watch app collection: