Remote Path

Filterable database of remote career paths and companies

Remote Path is a database to find the perfect remote opportunity whether you are ready to apply to a company today or still figuring out what it is you want to do.

Filter careers by:

- Salary

- If degree is required

- Industry

Filter Companies by:

- Pay for co working

- If the entire company is remote

- If there are company meetups

- And more!

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Hi Everyone 👋 I originally started working on this to create a database of remote companies and it quickly bloomed into something a bit larger. The idea became to help anyone who wants to work remotely go from "what can I do remotely?" to "here's the 5 companies I want to apply to". My #1 goal with this product is to make remote work feel obtainable for anyone. If you are early in your career or still a student, check out our remote career database. If you already know what you want to do or are established, find a remote company that has the perks you care about. If I am missing any companies (I know there's a bunch!) send me a message on Twitter or the form on the site. I would love any feedback you may have and please let me know if you see any issues or bugs 🐛
This is awesome. Finally a solid database of remote companies. How many companies do you have indexed now? What are your next plans with this?
@levelsio As of writing this, we're just getting started with ~20 (I think 18 companies specifically) right now, but we're quickly growing it. Plan is to have ~50 in the next couple of weeks. Next steps that I'm planning on doing: - More companies / careers - Add interviews with people who work for these companies - Add education (traditional, bootcamp, online, etc) options for careers - Add more info about the career path/trajectory - More data on companies (tech stack, culture, etc.) Lots to do!
This is great! There's a big stereotype of what all remote companies are like, but just like non-remote companies, there is actually a lot of diversity. This is an awesome tool to search by important filters and I love seeing Toptal on there! Looking forward to seeing the database grow!
@stephsmith Thanks for the kind words. Definitely going to get more data in there ASAP!
Really cool
@vard_mardoyan thanks, if you have any feedback let me know!