Remote Party Squad

Celebration as a Service for remote companies.

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Interesting...I'm remote @rrhoover are you going to throw me a party? FYI guys, on the site there are a lot of 'he's'/'him' - this should be gender neutral. ALSO this is the awkward part where I can;t tell if its April Fools or not?
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@bentossell @rrhoover Thanks for the feedback! Fixed right away πŸ€“
@bentossell @rrhoover Would you think that we would go through all this effort for just a joke? 😐
@bentossell @rrhoover Well, DM me your address. We'll see if there are any Certified Celebrators available in your area.
Remote teams are great if you hate commuting, like me, but you also miss out on all the good team building stuff. @jansn and @yannschaub are part of a company with a remote team, and are trying to solve this issue!
@leonpals @jansn Thanks for hunting Leon! That's exactly why we launched Remote Party Squad. I've been working in hybrid teams for quite a while now. I've mostly been on the "office-side" though. Even though it's nice to work from home or from the beach at Bali you still miss out on a lot of the team building stuff. That was my main motivation to launch RPS. I partnered up with @jansn from and decided to do a pilot with them. It was amazing to see how the coworker reacted to the surprise party. They had them live on a conference-call when it happened. Maybe Bob wants to take over from here and tell us a little bit about how it went.
It never hurts to party :-) Curious to see how this will work in reality though.
This is a terrible idea, and I've never written that before. April fools, right?