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There's TOO MANY (remote) job boards. But many of my friends are still unable to find a remote job. Why? Because they don't have the time to look through hundreds of boards for specifically remote jobs. And the remote boards out there are too dispersed. So I built this. Think of it like a search engine for ALL remote jobs out there. It aggregates all remote jobs from lots of different sources and then if you'd like to apply for a job, it links you back to the source. I'll be adding more sources, like @rodolphedutel's Remotive Jobs ( and many others. I meet many people that are ready to go, but simply can't cause they're tied to a desk job. I hope this makes it easier for (normal) people to actually go remote. And that'll help my little nomadiv revolution go faster too 😍 — as that's become somewhat like my personal mission :)
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@rodolphedutel @levelsio Good luck. It seems very clear.
@rodolphedutel @levelsio Well done! Passed it over to a few buddies who are having trouble keeping up with all of the job boards out there.
@levelsio Looking good Pieter, well done on creating an aggregator here! Cool to see an overview :) At Remotive, we'll continue to focus on selected jobs from our Partners (Remote Startups), we're happy to be part of :)
@levelsio Hey Pieter, I notice you have "Follow @levelsio" and "By" at the bottom-right of your site. Have you ever written about why you brand each site towards yourself rather than towards the project? I have about 5 projects on the go and often debate whether I should brand them back as a "RossDCurrie company" or to develop each brand separately. Would be curious to see your reasoning.
@rossdcurrie It was kind of random at first, but it's definitely helped to lead people back to my blog and from there to my other projects. I think in this zeitgeist people like to follow a story and the building of a product, so it works. Like most of these things, I really didn't plan that at all though, honestly :)
Rad idea. I can see this scaling very quickly!
We recently launched, a good alternative to all these remote job boards. Tarta AI can monitor open vacancies, match you with the best jobs and set up an interview with a recruiter in seconds. Take a look and let me know what you think.
Pieter, this looks awesome! Fantastic idea, serving a real need, yet building off the value proposition and strengths of Nomad List. You're on an amazing roll!