Remote Meals

Recreating office lunches for remote workers

For remote workers, one of the biggest struggles not being in an office, is losing out on the social aspect of work. We want to bring that back by connecting people to have quality social experiences.
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Hey y'all! My name is Andrew, and I started working remote half a year ago (writing this from Buenos Aires!). Like many, I'm very bullish on the future of remote work. And although many parts of it are amazing, one thing I miss about being in the office is the social aspect. When I was an office employee, I enjoyed grabbing lunch everyday with coworkers. Wanting to recreate that experience for remote workers, I started Remote Meals. You sign up and let us know your preferences, and we will connect you to other remote workers, to share a meal, in person or virtually. I'd love to know if you have any feedback, and what you types of meetups you're interested in!
Cool! Not just literally matching with someone to have a meal but more like another way to connect people. I think it's not just applicable for remote workers though, it's a new way to network with people from different industries.
@tzuan Yeah definitely! I think initially remote workers would be more interested in connecting this way, but it wouldn't be limited to them