Control your Mac from phone - RC, trackpad and keyboard.

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Be productive - watch movies on your Mac - control volume from your couch :D
@bentossell can you please mark @evgeny_cherpak as the maker of the app. He'd like to introduce himself and represent the app.
What is the size of the 'I need to control my Mac from my phone' market?
@steve1215 Only use I can think of is if I have my macbook plugged into the TV to watch movies/tv shows. I have the magic mouse so I just use that, but it could be nice to be able to just use your phone.
@jordansmithio Guess so. Maybe we file this under 'niche', even thought there seem to be several other apps also offering the same thing.. Whatever happened to the gorgeous aluminium remote that Apple used to ship with the Apple TV 2? They should have made that available as a separate product in its own right.
@jordansmithio @steve1215 that's definitely one of the use cases, another one is: my cousin's children play on their Mac in their room, and she uses the app to lower the volume when they go over bounds :), also its a great tool to make them stop playing after some time (lock the screen) and make them come out of their room.
@jordansmithio @steve1215 I personally have 2 Macs, one of them is connected to the TV and I control it with the app, other one is MacBook Pro which is my working machine, and its connected to Apple Display - sometimes before 'Do not disturb' kicks in @ 10PM, WhatsApp web or some other app will start to bother me while I'm watching TV or reading, and instead of going to mute it, I really enjoy my app to mute it, or kill the app (WhatsApp has very distinct sound :))