Remote Job Lists

Find your next remote job with the help of AI

Remote Job Lists scours the internet daily for job postings across different websites. It takes each posting, analyzes and categorizes it using Machine Learning, and makes it available in an easy-to-search UI.

All postings are 100% remote. You're able to sign up for email notifications to receive new jobs when they match your criteria.

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Hello Loving the design, what functionality/features set you apart from and
@johnny_boufarhat @tilomitra "t quickly became obvious to me that there aren't too many good ways to search for remote listings around the world." I think sites like remoteok are exactly this. Why do make another list and "flood" the web with more "waste"?
@johnny_boufarhat Thanks! This site is still in its early stages but the things I want to focus on as differentiators are: (1) fast search and filtering: I find existing sites dont have great filtering. On RJL, you can combine tags together to find jobs faster, for example. (2) more non-technical remote jobs: I find most of the sites focus on technical jobs, and people who arent technical have to search harder. I want to expose these non-technical positions better. (3) allowing people to be notified when jobs that are related to their skillset are posted: Rather than sending a generic email with all new jobs that are posted, people can choose to be notified if jobs with specific keyword(s) are posted.
@johnny_boufarhat @serglotz Thanks for the question. I don't think it's waste. The fact is that many people are looking for employment, and if we can expose the information better, maybe it will help people find work. As I said in my other post, I built this because I was helping a family member look for a job, and it filled a need that I saw. There are many sites out on the internet which are less useful, imo. :)
@tilomitra Great, I hope to see it grow!
Hi Product Hunters, I'm excited to share a project that I've been building out over the last few weeks. Here's the backstory: I was helping a family member look for a job recently and spent a lot of time on job sites. Instead of focusing on just his city (where opportunities were limited) we eventually started looking at remote jobs to broaden his search. It quickly became obvious to me that there aren't too many good ways to search for remote listings around the world. This sucks for both remote employers and remote workers. To solve this problem, I spent a few long nights building out Remote Job Lists. It aggregates listings across the internet, categorizes them smartly using Machine Learning, and makes it easy to search for a position that is interesting to you. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I particularly like the idea because we do remote working and we have heard many times that it was difficult for other employees to get in touch with companies that do remote working as it usually appears only on the long description of the position. It is great to filter right away for both companies and employees. Easy to use and good about keywords.




Needs more databases

Hey, I would love to work with you guys more to give your job posts more visibility. Is there a good way to reach out to you?
Hey :) Seems like your website is down. When can we access it again?
@cbenkendorf I took care of the duplicates. :) Thanks for catching that.