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Hey hunters! In 2011, I started a company called (after being a virtual intern myself) to help students find remote internships (See article above for reference). I ended up shutting it down as I got busy with another job. Recently, I was trying to help a friend's younger brother find a remote internship at a great startup and had to go through tons of crappy sites and listings. So, I decided to bring Cyber Interns back with! Currently focusing on startups looking for amazing marketing, design, development, and editorial talent. Imagine living in Omaha, NE and being able to intern for a hot mobile app in SF? At the moment, I'm keeping the job postings curated. The main reason for this is that I want to make sure all job postings are 100% remote-friendly. All posting must fall under one of the following categories: Marketing, Design, Editorial, Development. All posting are free while in beta and we sometimes refuse listings we don't think are suitable to our interns: Side note: I know most people are against unpaid internships, but the unpaid internships on the site are not B.S. / people trying to abuse the system. I try to find quality positions from reputable companies looking to hire the best talent (paid or unpaid). At the right company, an unpaid internship can provide valuable experience and be great for building up your portfolio / resume.
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@talantorriero I think is doing a similar work. maybe you can partner with this company and help young guys/girls from Africa too
@talantorriero i find that this is jobify theme - looking forward for a new enabled features!
@talantorriero is project working right now? i mean maybe you working on updates....
We might look at offering internships in the future. From your experience what should an employer do to make sure they make the experience as good as possible for the intern?
@scotty_bowler Great question! In my opinion, all remote internships should be treated the same as a remote job position. Communication is key (Slack, Asana, etc.) Not only does an intern gain valuable experience working for an amazing startup, but they also learn how to work "remotely" - which is a valuable skill in itself. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me
@scotty_bowler @tmg @talantorriero Don't forget about code at Github if developer.
@scotty_bowler Of course you should do an interview with him, check how motivated he is and what is his ambitions, background. Even to check if your team and intern have the same character type to be comfortable to work with. And do a basic evaluation of skills. There should be some generic matrix about specific knowledge in one of programming language, but it really depends of what you want to achieve with this internship.
I think that's a great idea. There a lot of talents in Ukraine that will be happy to join! Wish you good luck and awesome companies!
@anton_vasylenko Thank you so much! This is a perfect example of what I'd like to see happen...A student in Ukraine has the opportunity to work for an awesome startup in San Francisco. A remote internship opens up the talent pool geographically - giving companies an opportunity to hire the most qualified candidate.
@anton_vasylenko Hi Anton - can you tell me where i can reach them? To be honest, online i didn't see a lot of action of our juniors. I grow my team, and really need a lot of hands
@arthur_tkachenko You know, hiring process for intern/junior stuff is really simple in Ukraine. Create a job description in or with a relevant description and average salary expectations and you will have dozens of resumes, so you can take the best. Of course there several other free resources as, etc. But it's better for me pay some small amount of money and get the best resumes.
@anton_vasylenko I dont like dou :) It's about distruction. Similar to *We-Love-IT* Yep, Djinni is a good idea - thank you!
Awesome idea! It will be super useful for grad students who cannot relocate during semester. Good luck!
@sromana14 Appreciate it!
Looks really cool. Good luck guys!
@ajar Thanks so much!