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Really cool idea and I loved your clean design. Signed up!
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Please tell me this is for paid internships.
@ZacDavies Yes - we only accept paid internships.
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@myeggnoodles Us or also Europe?
@ilbedussa Global :)
Chris, I think we should talk :) We do international payments to remote workers and freelancers and payments are done in less than 48 hours. - @coinpip. We did our producthunt a few days back as well.
@myeggnoodles This is real awesome! Looking forward to hearing from you guys. What categories are these internship open to? As in developers, designers, business processes/analysts, etc?
This is awesome, especially for people who are nowhere near Silicon Valley. Being from Virginia, I felt so far removed from it all. Great idea.
I signed up, too. :)
Anyone have success stories of taking on a remote intern? Seems like they'd feel isolated, but I suppose this could work for a team that is already fully remote.
@rywalker A friend of mine interned at a startup that allowed him to travel. 5 years later he's still on the road, happy, and now has his own startup. Working remotely, regardless whether it's an internship or a full-time position, requires each startup to make an effort to ensure (all) employees do not feel isolated. Buffer does a good job of this (it's well documented) with their communication strategies, and retreats, for example.