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Remote Hacker is a platform that lets you shout out and find the person you need to take your project to the next level, whether thats a sales person, a marketer or an engineer.

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Hello hunters! My name is Eric, I’m a programmer from Sweden. I built this as a result of frustration from not finding the right people to work with, in a time where we can collaborate across borders and time zones. I don’t mean finding a job, or fixing someones email template. I mean as in being part of an actual project. Problem: 
Like many programmers I build a lot of stuff in my spare time that never sees the light outside my own computer. Other times, when I actually have shipped something, I often come to the conclusion that perhaps my one-man band just wasn’t strong enough to take the product to market properly. I have things I’m good at, and other things I need help with. So I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great to find a partner out there with a different skill set than me who might like the project I have in mind and would like to join me? Solution: 
So many weekends later and voila, 😀 
Here you can look for an interesting project you would like to be part of where they lack your talent, or find someone to join you and help you build, sell or grow. You introduce yourself and your project, current status, your target market, etc. and who you are looking for. When someone finds your project interesting, he or she will reach out with a message and you two will take it from there. Excited to see what feedback you might have, and hope you like it 😊 Cheers!
@sandbeachplease Clicking on the Post button without filling the form takes you directly to the payment form. Maybe put in some validation there?
@wirddin Thank you! Will fix :)
I like it. This product is a nicely executed concept and will be very useful for indie makers looking to pair up on projects in the future. But to piggy back off of what Kartik said, I feel as if you could make the website more of a community by accessing the replies on the 'job postings' and perhaps seeing who is willing to work on projects together for future reference. Just a thought, but I look forward to seeing more from you. Cheers 🤜
@markiatheus Thanks a lot for the feedback :) I hear you, and I'm working on some kind of solution for it to be a bit more transparent like that.
Good job on releasing your product Eric! Just product feedback: When I went to your website, I am not able to see what people are commenting on the post or much information. so, it is hard for me, as an initial user, to have a trust in a new platform. If I can see what other people are doing, I as a new user, might have increased trust on your platform to post about a project. I know it takes a lot of time to build even an MVP. So, kudos to you sir! Just wanted to give my 2 cents. Thanks Kartik
@kartikdadwal Thank you. I'm on it! I'm working on a solution for this, to make it slightly more open and transparent. I think private messages is still good as an option maybe.
@sandbeachplease cool. looking forward to it!
@sandbeachplease How would you differentiate your self from upwork?
@kartikdadwal Even though it's obviously possible to do so, RemoteHacker is not about finding a freelance gig or a job, there are many other sites for that. This is about joining and being part of a project. It doesn't even have to be a corporation involved, just two or more people finding mutual interest in a project and with a skill set that complements each other. Hope that answers your question?
I gave it a shot, posted a project, and had a pretty good experience so far! My only feedback is that you should have a dropdown for fun projects vs paying gigs. It's kinda awkward when someone replies to my fun little open-source idea looking for a job
@nathang Hmmm I see, I haven't thought about that, but will def go in my backlog now. Thank you!
Shit, I just posted but didn't include a URL. How do I edit the post??
@joshuapinter Sorry, I had a crazy last 24hr with my computer braking down, losing access to a bunch of accounts but I'm finally up and running again. I'll fix it for you, what's the URL you want to add to the post?
@joshuapinter Done! :) Thank you for using it