Remote Duck

Stranger on the Internet that can help you debug your code

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@mubashariqbal is at it again! Yet another project before 2016 is here... I remember Mubs telling me about this a few weeks ago - so good to finally see it up and running. "A random stranger on the Internet that can help you debug you code!" I'll let him tell you more.
@bentossell Thanks for the Hunt! I know I'll be using this lots, especially over the holiday break when people aren't around as much, and I get a lot of work done! :) Still waiting for your video so you can help people too!
@mubashariqbal I'll record it soon! I need more tiiiiiime
I'm a big fan of rubber duck debugging, but I work strange hours, usually very late. My rubber duck is nice to talk too, but sometimes it's nice to have a real person to look at while you're debugging, so the idea for Remote Duck was born. You can now access a friendly face 24/7 to help debug your worst programming bugs, they won't talk back, but boy are they good listeners!
@mubashariqbal i love it! :). We joke in the office that @corleyh is my go to rubber ducky. I swear, sometimes she gives the best advice without saying a word. πŸ‘‹
@mscccc The best ducks never say a word! :)
@xumx Rubber duck for you sir. :D
Proud to make a cameo, sporting a LaCroix. 😊