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Pitch 4,000 investors remotely

#1 Product of the DayMay 15, 2020
Startups are getting crushed by the pandemic &because investors are not taking meetings. Many have stopped investing. So, every 2 weeks we are going to let seven founders pitch 4,000 investors over Zoom. We will also be investing most of them in all likelihood
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InEvent Virtual Lobby can be a great fit
@pedro_goes cool product / kind of odd to spam a thread with no context
@jason Thanks Jason. I think it would be a great fit for the 1-1 meetings during the conference. You planned on using Zoom?
Nice @jason - what size of round is ideal for this?
@awt I think $250k to $3m is the sweet spot. We are going to promote the heck of the seven startups and try and get them 100+ meetings each.
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@jason thanks...sounds good!
@jason it would be amazing if our nonprofit Six Beats Of Separation® would be considered to be passed around in similar fashion. We are the ONLY nonprofit in history that can amplify every donated dollar for generations to come, and do so while making it possible for the general public to be charitable without even opening their wallets. ALl they have to do is show up to see what we share (Celebrities share their favorite songs to benefit their favorite charities via photos and long form video interviews.)
Typo? "We will also investing most of them in all likelihood."
Is there a target MRR/ARR or user target for these companies @jason?
@craigzingerline something in the $5k to $100k a month in revenue is the sweet spot for seed rounds today--but we would turn away someone with more.
@craigzingerline @jason I think you may have meant *wouldn't* turn away someone with more.
Will investors be able to ask questions or only hear the pitch/request meetings?
@ilya_breyman1 current plan is to share the deal flow with the world --- not keep it for ourselves, so depending on on how many people come we will let them ask questions OR let them setup follow up meetings, What do you think is better: 7 companies doing 3 minutes each and let the investors be done in 30 minutes OR have 5 minutes of Q&A and having it last 75 minutes?
@ilya_breyman1 @jason like the 4:4 pitch:q&a format with a couple transitions/intros you land it in an hour. Could breath a little and have transition time, allowance for tech glitches, etc if you make it 6-pitches.
@jason better keep it shorter of course. Maybe under 45 minutes and allow 1-2 follow-up questions (pre-moderated?)?
@ilya_breyman1 @jason Don't do Q&A. If you do, you risk people getting hammered by group think. I've heard many a horror story from people pitching Angel Groups where one skeptic is like a turd dropped in the punch bowl. If people have questions, either A) they're interested and it generates a meeting where you can dive in properly to it, or B) it doesn't matter because they're not interested in investing anyways