Remote by Rewatch

The slide remote that works from anywhere.

Remote lets you control your slides from anywhere. Install the app on the Mac or PC presenting your deck, then share the remote link to all the presenters who need to advance the slides. Works with any presentation tool. Never hear, "next slide please" again.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone 👋 These past few months, @scottjg and I have been working with a few teams running remote all-hands meetings. Unfortunately, running a single slide deck with multiple presenters was... basically impossible. We thought it was kinda crazy that there wasn't a good way for presenters to advance their slides without saying "next slide please" over and over... super annoying. So yeah, we decided to build this simple app and release it for free. It runs on Mac and PC and works with Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides, you name it. Just run the app on the computer showing the deck, then share the remote link with your presenters. That's it , you're good to go.
Digging this simple little app. I've done a lot of presenting over the years and I finally feel like I have a decent idea of handling in-person talks. But doing things remotely, or having to put my slides on another machine when I'm presenting in person, or doing more collaborative talks with others remotely... yeah, that's a crapshoot. Remote looks like it could make all that a little less hairy to deal with. also I mean jeez just look at that landing page too, it's very pleasant in my eyeballs to look at
This is pretty good. It said it was unsafe, according to Chrome and Windows, but I haven't had any problems.