Remote Art

A curated list of remote jobs for digital artists

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No reviews yet curates remote work opportunities for artists (from freelance to full-time). Categories currently include 3D modeling, Animation, Illustration, Design, Film/Photography, and Writing. Most artists are either unaware there are full-time remote jobs available or often have trouble finding them. aims to help artists transition to or continue remote working.
@kwdinc Great to see someone else working in this space, we are also trying to build a marketplace of remote talent but focus is on Games/AR/VR industry, if you want to check it out. Would love to have a chat with @tom_henderson about what he's doing and his struggles :-)
Thanks for the hunt! There's a lot of great remote job boards out there, but they often don't post artistic positions outside of UI/UX Design. As an animator and recent grad I've known quite a few people interested in working remotely but don't know where to look (sometimes it feels like odesk/freelancer is the only option!). Currently I review every job before posting to ensure it's; payed (no free interns or art for 'exposure') and doesn't seem like a headache (asking a lot for very little).
Yay! So many artists' find that their work is rooted by their places and communities. Sadly those places don't always offer employment opportunities for artists. Opening up access to remote work and remote workers in the arts community is a win for all.