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Well, after I spent more than 1 hour to build my profile, I applied for a job and discovered that you have to make a subscription starting from $19/month to apply for jobs. Nowhere is written in the homepage. Bad move.
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@mrdobelina Sorry that part is not more clear. We will work on updates to better explain how our process works. Remote is designed to match specific criteria to the right job seeker/job. As a job seeker, you complete your profile and set your job preferences. Once your profile is complete you "unlock" job matching and our system will begin inviting you to jobs when it's a good match. When invited, you apply to these jobs for free - and get fast tracked to the hiring manager. This enables us to ensure we are providing high quality matches to both job seekers and employers. Alternatively job seekers can purchase a plan to access additional features and have the ability to be a bit more proactive in their search. Hope this helps!
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@nickmacario yea I'm not questioning the fee itself (somehow you have to monetize) but just the fact that is not written anywhere till the moment you finally want to apply for a job. Something in the homepage (a Pricing tab maybe) would make everything more clear. On the other side, is it really well done!
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@mrdobelina thank you and the feedback and appreciate the kind words.
@mrdobelina woah, are you kidding? Who's going to pay $20 a month for a profile? NO thanks
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@nickmacario The hunter said he spent an hour to build his profile. Could you elaborate on that? True or false? allows the remote workforce to network and refer jobs. It uses AI to analyze skills, experiences, and personality traits to predict the highest probability of job success, which allows recruiting and hiring top quality talent in minutes. There are end-to-end solutions for both job seekers and hiring managers to find and manage projects and full-time jobs, including a secured escrow payment system.
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@kwdinc looks like there technology applies to all types of job seekers. Why are they applying to remote professionals only?
Yes! This is exactly where the market should be going. Fantastic project. I've signed up as an employer.
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@marccrouch Thank you. We have a team of talent specialists who can help you fill roles if you're looking for assistance. Let me know if you need anything.
@nickmacario how are measuring personality traits?
@sridhar_kondoji primarily public social data
Thanks @kwdinc! Hi Hunters, we're excited to introduce to the Product Hunt community today. There are plenty of freelance marketplaces and nearly as many remote job boards, but we found the experience fragmented. The workforce is undeniably mobilizing and our goal is to be the primary resource for your remote career, whether that be freelance, consulting, or a full-time remote position. A place where you can not only find jobs, but have all the tools necessary to manage your career, as well as a community of like-minded professionals redefining "work". We strongly value your feedback and look forward to it. Thanks!
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@nickmacario absolutely love this! However full disclosure I'm working on something very very similar, except even one step bigger... either way I love to see companies on the same path, creating solutions for problems people don't even realize they're going to have yet. 20 2040% of the workforce will be remote workers, but where are they going to go to work?