Make your gates & garage doors smart with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Remootio makes your gates and garage doors smart. It works with your smartphone iOS/Android and Alexa (Google Home compatibility is coming soon).
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Hey everyone! I’m Bence, co-founder of Remootio. I am very happy to announce that we have launched our Indiegogo campaign, and now are also launching on Product Hunt. We have started working on Remootio just after graduating from the university approximately 18 months ago. We've spent almost all of our free time (weekday evenings, weekends) besides our daytime job to develop this product. Before the launch we both quit our regular jobs to dedicate all of our time and effort to Remootio. We are both gate and garage door owners, and we've always found using regular remote controllers frustrating (leaving home with someone else just to realise you didn't bring your RC when you come back). We checked other products on the market, but as all of them are either using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and some situations favour the use of one over the other (such as a garden gate with poor Wi-Fi coverage), we decided to create a solution that has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, is secure, subscription free, and most importantly a product that is affordable. To try the app: 1) Download it from the App Store or Google Play 2) Press "Receive key" and scan any of the two QR codes shown in the fourth picture above These are demo keys that emulate the response of the hardware unit itself, so you can try out how the app feels at the moment. Please let us know what you think about the product! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
This looks pretty nice, although it could use a little bit of polish! How come you didn't just go for IFTTT, that way it'd work with all the assistants?
@krisztiaan Hi Krisztian! Thanks for the feedback! We have definitely thought about the IFTTT integration, and already had some discussions with them. We designed our product in a way that a future IFTTT integration would be quick and easy. For staters we prefer to have the native integrations done first (For each assistant one by one) as not everyone uses IFTTT, but it's definitely on our roadmap for the future as we start to grow our business.
@krisztiaan @bence_kurucso Great product, Good to have IFTTT integration. Eagerly waiting!



It is a great smart product!


I haven’t met a better one! It is a very safe solution with its encryption.

It is a great product!
Really neat idea, FYI your call to action at the bottom says "Avialable on the App Store". May want to fix that :)
@christopher_lee4 Thanks a lot for the feedback! And also for the finding, we will correct it!
@bence_kurucso No problem. By the way seeing as you just launched I have a market research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question then follow-up based on how they answered and even interview them! You could ask e.g. "How much would you pay for a service that lets you monitor your garage door activity from your phone?" Anyway If you want to give it a shot I'll pass you $12 in free credits. Best of luck otherwise!