VR app to reboot your mood. Meditation, creativity, focus.

Dive into a deep world of colors with relaxing music and Neurobeats. All sessions are based on the scientific knowledge of brainwave research, color and tone psychology.

Hey @ina_nixdorf, What part of this project are you most proud of?
@jacqvon Good question! It’s our first app and there are many things, we can be proud of it. We learned so much during the last months about virtual reality and we are curious about how things grow. Today we are really proud that we are selected into the KIN Developer Program from among hundreds of qualified developer teams from 38 different countries. Our challenge now is to integrate the KIN engine in our app remood. Let’s see what is possible ;-)
Many people are exploring VR for therapy. I'm curious to see if these immersive experiences eventually supplant popular wellness apps like Headspace. Thoughts on this, @ina_nixdorf (yes, pun intended 😂)
@rrhoover Thanks for the nice words. We hope so that immersive experiences eventually supplant popular wellness apps (we don’t say the name ;-) )