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Remodelmate is a marketplace for buying, selling, and managing home renovations online. Our web app features a contractor-homeowner matching algorithm; Stripe, Plaid, and HelloSign API integrations; AI-enhanced SMS bots; scheduling; and user dashboards.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Love what you guys are building! Making home renos a lot easier to navigate :)
@trevorsookraj Thanks, Trevor! Do you have any feedback for us on growth/marketing?
Huge shout out to remodelmate's project. Wish I would have had this a year ago. They've thought through each step in a grueling process and taken steps to make it easier. Stripe integration for easy payments? Check. Concierge service for someone to help manage your remodel? Check. Every expert contractor in your area to help with various parts of your remodel? Check. Financing options? Check.
thanks @kevin_march0 ! humbled by your feedback. is there anything missing? what could we build that would “bring the house down” (couldn’t resist)
GAME CHANGERS IN THE HOME REMODELING SPACE! Have been watching their journey from the early days and they are really making remodeling/renovation projects as simple as they should be 😍
appreciate the support @joseph_e_best_james we got some more in the pipeline.

Great service.


Easy. Simple. Stress free.



We created a way to bring predictability, efficiency, and transparency into a historically archaic, and wildly unpredictable, industry. We appreciate your feedback and comments! You can check out our GitHub at: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: YouTube: Facebook: Pinterest: