Remo+ DoorCam

World's 1st over-the-door smart camera

Remo+ DoorCam is the world's first and only wire-free, over-the-door smart HD camera with built in motion sensor, 2-way talk, and night vision. It can be installed in seconds and last up to 12 months until batteries need to be replaced.

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The form factor of this is a bit easier to adapt to varying homes and I can imagine a future iteration connect with the door lock itself, similar to Amazon's new Key security cam and lock.
@rrhoover definitely a more appealing design for placement, also might protect better from the elements
"Great, the key's under the mat."
Any plans on making this available internationally, e.g. Canada?
Very smart design!
Somebody needs to take this concept and build Face ID for physical doors. (+HomeKit integration, of course)