Friendly Facebook Messenger bot to help set reminders

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Just tested this out and works well! Simple, I like it :)
@bentossell Really glad you liked it, Ben! Hope it stays useful! :)
I use Siri for this use case: "Siri, remind me to get laundry in 40 minutes."
@rrhoover I always forget to use Siri for stuff
@bentossell @rrhoover I use badger app to send myself reminders as text messages and I also use it to send my friend reminders:
@bentossell @rrhoover Ryan, completely understand that specific use-case for Siri; in fact I use Alexa for similar use cases, i.e. near-term, time-sensitive reminders e.g. turn off oven in 45 min. Like Ben said, where I realized I'd never end up using Siri/Alexa were: (1) recurring tasks, where I need a gentle friendly nudge, e.g. -- call my grandpa every Sunday -- take vitamins everyday (2) the endless heap of tasks that would get lost in my notepad abyss, e.g. -- return amazon item in 30 days -- follow up with a friend in 2 weeks -- send marketing docs to colleague at 9am Thursday Plus, -- I like more conversational flexibility in my snooze options (e.g. snooze for 3 days), which I don't get with Siri. -- I also do prefer the non-intrusive messaging interface over a voice one, especially as it allows me to enter tasks even in environments such as meetings, but I realize that may be a personal preference :) As a friend said to me after using Reminders, it's helped make tasks feel "less like an enemy and more like a friend"!
If Pikachu was a bird..
Super simple and works well πŸ₯
Priv is an amazing maker and entrepreneur. Watch her.
@gautam_tambay Thanks Gautam, and right back at you! :)