Reminder 2.0

A better way to keep track of your reminders 📝

Reminder 2.0 is the best way to keep track of your reminders on iOS. Quickly add multiple reminders in a row using the return key. Set time and location alarms to make sure you don’t forget the important stuff. The interface was designed to fit right in with other first party apps. Reminder was built to be quick to launch and easy on your battery.

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I was writing this review in the Reviews section in Product Hunt for this product, but halfway through, I accidentally clicked outside the “Add Review” popup aka the black overlay that covers 75.6% of the screen. And it deleted the whole review, without warning, and only left behind the result of whether or not I clicked the “happy” smiley button. That was some painful user experience work. So here I am, writing this review in the Notes app, only to copy and paste this in the comment section later. That reminded me of my experience with many other apps on the market. Reminders or not, some were very cluttered with zillion features, and some look straight out of someone’s Youtube tutorial of how to get started with Xcode. This app is the perfect balance of that. 

The UI is functional and straightforward but packed with features that a core Reminder app should have. I was blown away from the onboarding screen, specifically the Permissions page. Not only does it explain why it’s using this permission, but these options are also right to its name, optional. 

This experience should have been what the native Reminders app I expect to see from Apple, but I’m very delighted to see it coming from a developer. And I’m amazed of how after an hour of usage, it doesn’t feel like I’m trying out an app that’s just launched named Reminders 2.0, but rather something I felt like I’ve known for a very long time. I’m not a writer, so I doubt I can explain this entirely, but it’s this feeling when something just clicks, when you don’t see or feel the things that are in between you and the software (screen, buttons, text) but it feels like it’s a part of your body, like you already knew how it works without much learning. Every option is there where I expect it to be because it's so simple. That being said, I despise the neon cyan colour you used on light theme, Mark. But other than that, Reminders is an absolutely beautiful app that is remarkably intuitive for everyone who’s as forgetful as me. 

I just proofread this review again, and it sounds like I’m a maniac who got paid to write this promo. I hope you don’t feel the same way and I got my point across.
@pwign Thank you for the amazing review! It really means a lot. I’m trying my best to walk the line between simple and powerful.
My understanding of the location service on iOS is that it does not provide 3rd party developers with fine accuracy when it comes to location alerts. For example, in OmniFocus I have the app alert me when I am near a location which I've associated with a task. However, even at the smallest alert distance, OmniFocus sends me notifications any time I'm within 0.5-0.75 miles of the location. Compare this to the Reminders app created by Apple, I'm able to create alert geofences with radiuses of only 328 feet compared to the 1320 feet minimum provided to 3rd party developers. I see that your Reminder 2.0 app features location alerts. Can you speak about whether this app allows for geofences which are as small as those provided by Apple's Reminders app?
@magnuson I haven't heard anything about 3rd party developers having less accuracy for geofences. I usually set my geofences at 100 m (328 ft) and they trigger just fine.
@mpdifran Interesting. Thank you for following up. I'll have to contact OmniFocus since their geofences are well over 1,000 feet when set at the smallest size. Maybe they haven't updated to the newest API or something like that.
Hey Product Hunt! I’m back to tell you about the 2.0 update to Reminder. I’ve been hard at work listening to your feedback over the last few months, and I’ve made a ton of enhancements. Here’s a list of all the new things you can find in Reminder since I last posted: - Tab bar at the bottom to help make navigation easier - For You view to show you important reminders based on location and time - Drag and drop to reorder reminders (and move them between lists) - Minimize lists by tapping on their names - Shake to undo last completed/deleted reminder - Improved iPad support - App Icon badges - iMessage stickers - Recurring time alert improvements - Add notes to reminders - Increased size of tap targets - New reminders are placed at the beginning of the list - Two new colours for reminder lists (Teal and Pink) - German, French, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), and Portuguese (Portugal) localizations - Many bug fixes Please give it a try and let me know what you think! I’ve got a few promo codes for you to try it out for free. Please let me know which ones you’ve used in the comments. 7YT3LLWFLJ76 X KN3HLR949JLA X AMAL7HJJHEXE X EMKP47MP4RXR X TMNARYA6993H X KJXMP733YHAL X 7MK6J79A9A7E X EF9E4ETE6EMK X 4J7XF93WTH6Y X 44RLJ4FKN9A4 X HAE6RK4XTLM7 X M37K9YLXEE9P X N6RWL9EMYMWX X R43MN7HF37XL X RJTLFN9RAKY6 X NT4LX7AKM9L9 X KHTPFRRR6R3L X YHH9AK3A7NK6 X JAHKMNTKMN6X X NY6WKA9FXY67 X NEW BATCH (4:30pm EST): A64P4PF6EAPP MTMMKPWTPLAT 66EKEJA7YYXP F6YLL4EEAMX6 67M4XFWHRP4A NTNMHFAJKRMF F69H7HAJMH9E 9WYYYJ9PRKA7 MNRTN934ET93 AL43APF647TR
@mpdifran NY6WKA9FXY67 used. Thanks!
@mpdifran I think they're all used up! 😮
@mpdifran I used the first one, looks good so far! Never really used the reminders app before so looking forward to using this 🙌
@jleodaniel I’ll try and get some more up soon.
@jleodaniel @mpdifran Would love to give it a try
Thanks! Nice app!
Remind me to download this.
@londonrom Reminder: You should download the app if you haven't yet!