Reminder is the best way to keep track of your reminders on iOS. Quickly add multiple reminders in a row using the return key. Set time and location alarms to make sure you don’t forget the important stuff. The interface was designed to fit right in with other first party apps. Reminder was built to be quick to launch and easy on your battery.

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Hey Product Hunt! I’m excited to share with you the product of a years worth of evenings and weekends. I was fed up with Apple’s first party reminders app, so I decided to build my own! I took design influences from Apple’s more modern Home app, and strove to make the app feel at home on iOS. I am an independent developer, so the app is a paid app. If you’d like to give it a test run though, you can use the Promo Codes below. Please let me know when you use a code so I can cross it off. Feel free to send any comments / questions / feedback my way, it’s much appreciated. Enjoy! Features: - Manage your lists of reminders with just a few taps - Add a time alert using either the presets or a specific time - Set a location alert based on your current location, or use one of your most recently used locations - Fully compatible with Apple’s Reminders app - Force touch shortcuts to create reminders lightning fast - Dark mode for use at night Version 1.5 will be launching April 16, 2018. v1.5 Features: - Today Widget: Shows you upcoming, overdue, and relevant location reminders - Share Sheet extension: Allows you to create reminders from other apps Promo Codes 44RYLE3EA3LK MRKJLY3PFFE9 MLHNAY6PLHNW PJWJFNHN7H46 AT9A4HW9LLLE XTTYA349RRJ4 AW7XMYPAHKTE M4F663L7HH63 N64H7PMMNPPY 4WAJYFNHTYYH 9JW3WY3AH9T9 4JXEK46MMTXE 7JYPK97HMAHR J34JNPR6H9NW Promo Codes Round 2: KYYEFLAW94YE XKAXAW3XMYX6 YHJ6933PN9P4 ERT4EFNFYF9N E7EJXELXYPLX 76AAWFEYXNR9 6XRT66T4E3K9 EJTNAH6H69FA LR99YJKPXHE9 MF6AF4JH494E K3RYKFWTWLJA JWTY44NW3TWR 6PX3JWKTN7T3 Promo Codes Round 3: F6Y37NLXL3L9 P3PETY6AW366 7MEYKP9E3MFP A3PWX3LW4RL9 7WHRHRT4TE3M 6ANL96FMMNE9 Promo Codes Round 4 (added at 3:30 PM EST): 6YATHMYPHPTN LEKN39FWAK7L PKPJX3A49FEE YMYLXH44FYM3 HLJYYYJW3RTT FPHPHXTRK4L9 9HETMJ6YJE3F PA6KXRWL6XYT Promo Codes Round 5 (added at 5:00 PM EST): Y4K6KFJ6WTNM T7794R9JTMXH FNAF4XJEHH7H W6YKL6MY6MAN 7RW47F6HPNRL JTKFYT9EA7YA L4MMFTPXFAN9 MRFAT74MH9NN PMEX9NKATY99 E3LW6WLEKW6M 4K9HK39HRN3Y W7YR43WTLEEN How to redeem a Promo Code:
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@mpdifran Thanks for this ! Also: thanks for those who took the codes without telling us here 😑
@akdm_ I'll get some more codes posted soon. Thanks for the interest!
@mpdifran thanks for the code! Used 79LEYF7FT74W.
@mpdifran Amazing app. I used the promo code but planning to gift it to someone. Suggestion I have is to enable drag and drop to re arrange items between the lists. And increasing the tap target size. Other than that it's just amazing and simple. Great work!
@lr_94 Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into adding drag and drop in a future release. Was planning on taking a look at drag and drop on iPad soon anyway. Re: tap target size, are you referring to the checkmark? I can try making that a bit larger.
I brought the app to support you. Really like it, there is a bug when sorting lists, it will sometimes duplicate the title and glitch when reordering. Other than that really like the app. I also really like the dark theme, could you let us choose our icon colour independently of what theme we're using. (have dark theme but white icon?) Congrats on your launch and good luck!
@migueljohn_ Thank you very much! I have actually seen that bug before, but I've had trouble reproducing it. I'll spend some more time looking into it. Thanks for the feedback on the theme, I'll look into allowing you to set the icon separately.
An interesting app. Bought it as well because of the support for indie devs. The name is quite challenging to get on top of the searchresults in the appstore. I had to search (in the Dutch appstore) on the name and your last name to find it. I will test the app for a few days.
@frankmeeuwsen Thanks so much! Yeah the app name is kind of generic. Hopefully app ratings will help out my SEO. I could also try adding more text to the name.
@mpdifran Good luck with that. We know from experience how hard it is. I love the permissions-page in your app. Dropped a screenshot in our Design channel on Slack already :-)
@frankmeeuwsen Yeah I really like the permissions screen as well. It's quite a flexible view; try disabling the location permissions, and adding a location alarm. I also show it on launch when I add a new permission (with the new permission highlighted).
The promo codes are not work - anymore available?
@haitianwatcher Yup, I'll get some more posted!
Good luck in this hard endavour developing something by yourself. Hoping you’ll make it. No sarcasm.
@inlinecoder Thanks, fingers crossed!