No login. The simplest way to email a reminder.

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This is a project I built over the weekend that was originally just for myself but thought might be useful to others. You can send a reminder to yourself or someone you know. No login required. It's simple, but does the job.
Thanks !! Might be very useful. I probably watch more my emails than my phone notifications ...
@tiekks Yeah I'm the same way, emails are the only thing I 100% look through. I miss most of my phone notifications. After so many app remanding me daily to come back, I've become numb to any phone reminders.
A free spam service? Might be better to add email verification.
@ieatsalot Yep way ahead of you. This is more or less a two day project. If I start seeing negative trends, I'll build in email verification just to be safe. Currently I love how friction-less the product is currently so it's not a top priority. Thanks for the feedback!