Remind & convert past visitors. Exactly when they need you.

Your abandoning visitors are worth GOLD!
Display a beautiful Remindee popup to your visitors before they leave. We'll send them the right email, at the right time, to turn them into customers.
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Hi everyone 👋 Thanks so much to @kevin for hunting us! I'm Lorenzo, founder of, and as a marketer and startup guy, I discovered that: ❌90% of new visitors were leaving my website without taking action. So when I was spending $1,000 on marketing acquisition, $900 were lost. Forever. ❌Visitors who were really interested in my services, but for later, totally forgot to come back when it was eventually the right time. Why? Because last time they thought about me was weeks or months before. ❌Retargeting ads (that I love as a marketer) were working only on people who needed our service at the time they saw the ad. So, what about the others? ❌Bookmark users almost never think about the website they saved when it would be time to use it (I previously ran a Bookmark Manager startup). So guess what? ✅I looked for a solution and decided to create Remindee 😃 ➡️The first solution that reminds interested visitors to come back, exactly when they need you. Because, who better than your visitor knows when he will need you! Questions or feedback? We’d love to hear what you think! Cheers, — Lorenzo PS: Remindee, like most webapps, is better on desktop than mobile. Our app is totally responsive and you can easily create and manage your account from your mobile. But I recommend to play with it on desktop (and our user guide is only displayed on desktop).
Going to test it out.
Looks awesome! Well done Lorenzo! Is there a way to customize the email to be sent as a reminder? So that it looks similar to my website
@gregcha Hey Gregoire, thanks! Currently, you can customize email content & language. But we'll add 10 other designs and it will be also possible to customize colors the same way you can with popups.
Thanks Blanca
Hi Lorenzo! Congrats on the launch! The idea seems interesting. What makes you think the timing of the reminder would be perfect for a visitor? I can easily imagine the case when a visitor just picks a random date (if at all) and the reminder is not any better than a one-off retargeting ad. If he provides the correct e-mail, yada yada. Another question: can I extract the data provided by a user (name, e-mail address) from the widget? Is the reminder sent only once, or there is an option to send it multiple times?
P.S. Just read that the "extraction" feature will be added in future. Why not add the newsletter consent checkbox into a widget with this feature altogether? At least as an optional setting.
Hi Kyrylo, Thanks for your comment. The timing is the best possible, because who better than your visitor knows when he will need you. But, you're right, sometimes the visitor can pick a random date or picks a date that eventually isn't the right one. That's why we offer a one-click re-reminder in our emails So, when your visitor receive a reminder and say "nah, I will need it in 2 weeks", he can just reschedule a reminder, in 1 click. About email address, no reason to provide a wrong one. Because there is no direct incentive. So if you don't want a reminder, then you just don't schedule one :) Visitors receive 1 reminder, and another one 48 hours later if they didn't open the first one. About data, Visitors give their consent for receiving a reminder, not a newsletter. Because many users asked for it, we are going to add a section where you can download the list of users that created a reminder + a zapier integration so you will be able to connect it directly to your CRM or advertising solution (if you want to create a custom audience on facebook for example). Currently, we offer to our users to send them a .csv export every 2 weeks or every month (user choice). PS: we already have a newsletter feature in the pipe. A bit more effective than just a newsletter checkbox. But it will take a bit of time to develop it :)